Uniform System of Assessment

Uniform System of Assessment

Central Board of Secondary Education has implemented a Uniform System of Assessment for Grade I to X, that covers all aspects of students development and standardizing teaching and evaluation across the schools.

Uniform system of assessment specify the terms, periodic, notebook, subject enrichment and half yearly/yearly marks scored in each subject and the corresponding grades. It will also have co-scholastic assessment for grades I to VIII will be graded on a 3-point scale and grades IX & X which will be on 5-point scale. Since the introduction of the system the school follows it in word and spirit with the time to time changes being brought in by the CBSE.

Grades I

Annual examination (Board Exam only for X) will be conducted covering the complete portion at the end of the year where maximum marks will be 80 and internal assessment marks will be 20. There is mandatory minimum passing 33% for theory, internal assessment separately. Internal assessment weightage of periodic test is 10, notebook submission and subject enrichment is 5 marks each.


The new scheme has two terms, but the pen-paper test weightage will be now 90%, which includes the 80 marks of the half yearly/yearly exam and 10 marks of the 20 marks set aside for periodic assessment in each term. Each term will be of 100 marks of which 5 marks will be for note book submission and subject enrichment under periodic assessment.

For the holistic development of the student, co-curricular activities like Work Education, Visual and performing art, Health and Physical Education are the skills to be acquired.


Discipline significantly impacts career shaping and it helps build character. The students will also be assessed for the disciplinewhich will be based on the factors like attendance, sincerity, behaviour,   values ,tidiness, respectfulness for rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation and others.