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St.John's Visitation Public School

“Ask and it will be given you ; Seek you will find ; knock and it will be opened to you ”. ( Mt. 7.7)

Our History

Biographical Sketch of the School

St. John’s Visitation Public School was founded under the patronage of Late Archbishop Daniel Acharuparambil Bishop of Varapoly. Rev. Fr. Antony Arackal was the initiator of the School. It was officially inaugurated by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Karikkaserry then Auxiliary Bishop of Varapoly. Rev. Mother Mary Caroline, the founderess sowed the tiny seed of the School. On the protection, care and concern of Almighty God, Sr. Tresa Charles, First Manager watered and nurtured the seed to a fully fledged tree with buds, flowers and fruits. The strong loving hands and hearts of a team of eminent sisters and teachers helped her for the development of the School.

The School began with strength of 7 students in the parish hall. By the grace of Almighty God Ground Floor of Mother Caroline Block was completed on 13th June 2008 and classes shifted to our School Building. Three Blocks (Lisseux Block, Mother Caroline Block and Cardinal Cacciavillan Block) were constructed for three sections – K.G. L.P. H.S. Every year higher class was added and in no time the School had classes from Play class to Std X. It’s no exaggeration to say that it has made a giant leap in the last nine years. Words are inadequate to express the gratitude to God, all those who work hard and is working for the growth of the School.


Quality Education for your Child

Our school has a well – equipped science lab. The aim is to foster a spirit of innovation, creativity and Learning through doing. Each child is given personal attention and facility to learn through the laboratories.

A well stocked library is provided to the young minds to broaden their horizons. Latest books on various subjects and a good number of magazines are available based on the subjects taught.

The school has a well maintained computer lab. All the machines are networked and has access to internet. This computer lab provides fast and easy access to vast amount of information in a variety of formats.

“How you learn and what you learn will determine what you become.” Educomp Smart Class (CTS), the latest development of technology helps our children to understand the concepts in a way that they have never understood before.

Karate and Yoga classes are conducted for kids for recreation and self defence. We ensure that, our students explore and persue new objectives and goals to promote a strong self discipline and well defined moral outlook.

Well maintained buses with GPS and CCTV, handled by efficient drivers and caring staff ensure that students are picked up and dropped off safely.

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution. Santhome band is dedicated to perform through a unified diligence and conviction in our daily persuits , integrity and character, in all members. An appreciation for the art we strive to create and experience everyday.

Early musical training helps to develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Music study enhances teamwork, skills and discipline. Our Curriculum incorporates music into academics by which we make sure that our children find a better way for self expression.

Dance has physical and mental health benefits. Dancing is a good excercise and a fun way to keep fit. For our children it is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation.

We have science, Maths, Arts, Eco ,HEALTH ARTS AND language clubs to facilitate children to expand the horizons in their field of interests and to build a healthy self esteem. These clubs are actually a good platform for them to learn, organize and analyze the available resources and adopt technical advancements to present ideas creatively and artistically.

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Our Founder

Visitation congregation of Allappey is founded by servant of god Fr. Sebastain  LC Presentation on 29 th may1924 in Allapppey .the founding  charism of the congregation is education and formation of children and youth, particularly of girls. St Johns visitation public school is founded in tune with the spirit of the founder by visitation congregation at Muppathadam.It came into being an answer to the felt need of the local pupil of Kadungallor Grama Panchayath . The school has had the privilege of the able management and committed teachers to mould the students since its inception in 2015.The school has a wide vision in her mission.

School Management

St john’s visitation public school is a Christain minority CBSE School ,managed by ST JOHN’S VISITATION EDUCATIONAL TRUST ,MUPPATHADAM,ALUVA