Top 5 best smart birthday parties

Top 5 best smart birthday parties

Smart-year-old is incomparable in the category of toys for those who have nowhere to go for money, pretending to be a brown companion. A model with top functions can cost about $ 250-300 (Apple Watch is more expensive, obviously, but let’s talk about it), for a few pennies, you can still spend two days of work, wake-up player, the role of a headset, the functions of a real organizer and a real organizer. fitness tracker. With such a year, you can go to training without a smartphone and swim in the pools (all of our selections will have different modes for showing physical performances) ..

Rating of the shortest "reasonable" holidays:

Apple Watch 5

Apple’s flagship anniversary, the best for iPhone

The new generation of Apple Watch has a turn-on display, noise analysis and magnetic compass. Irrespective of those that the year is truly expensive for whether there are other “reasonable” years on the market with similar characteristics, yoga can definitely be called the best choice for iPhone owners.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The best smart yearbook for Android

Google doesn’t seem to be taking over the whole platform for "smart" Wear OS holidays, but Samsung’s Android-friendly ones come to the rescue. Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the most functional watches on the market, in line with the first model, the retailers added a touch bezel for smart navigation through the menus. Okremo varto is a smart addition to S Health for the statistics of your physical activity and the rate of eating.

FitBit Versa 2

Exotics for FitBit fans

Fitbit Versa 2 automatically detects different types of activity, but skips over basic smart features. This is the best choice for those who are tethered to the Fitbit ecosystem of fitness gadgets and don’t want to waste their accumulated data. Reshti bude nicely explain why he varto vtratitisya on the gadget without full localization.