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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Overview – Wireless TV Content

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Overview – Wireless TV Content

Many people watch YouTube videos on their laptop instead of on their TV, because displaying the image on a large screen is inconvenient and sometimes difficult. Reviewing the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Overview - Content to TV without wires

What is the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter?

There are several devices for fast and streaming content to your TV screen, the most famous Google Chromecast for $35 (2k) is suitable for Google software fans, the Apple TV set-top box for $150 (8600) is more an expensive solution for Apple users.

I came across a $50 Microsoft Wireless Display adapter that provides wireless transmission from an HDMI-compatible display to an external display. To work, it is enough to have a Windows or Android OS with 1080p Miracast protocol, which is supported on all new versions of the OS. Can it replace Chromecast and Apple TV? Let’s find out.

What is a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter?

Connect Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter looks more like a USB-to-HDMI cable than a wireless adapter, but its dongles contain a full Wi-Fi card and a powerful antenna. The USB plug serves only for power, pairing occurs via HDMI.

The two dongles are connected by a 29 cm cable, and a 15 cm extension cable is included – enough to connect to the USB port on the back of the screen. If there is no USB port on the TV, you need to use an adapter.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter does not have its own power supply. Plastic caps are put on both sides of the adapter, so it does not get confused with phone chargers and headphones.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Connection

On/off button is https://jiji.ng/lekki/houses-apartments-for-sale missing, you just need to connect the adapter to get started. During the download, you will see the Microsoft logo on the display, after, instructions for connecting.

Share photos, videos, and games

On Windows 10 devices, all you need to do is open the Action Center and connect a third-party display. By default, the display will display a picture with a maximum resolution of 1080p (1920 × 1080 pixels), although the latest version of Windows allows you to choose another format. The sound from the Wireless Display Adapter is also broadcast to the TV.